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How does your in-house visual platform make development faster?

Our visual platform streamlines the development process by automating repetitive tasks and offering visual editor which makes the development super fast.

It generates code for common functionalities, reducing manual coding and testing efforts. This efficiency translates to faster project delivery.

Is there any vendor lock-in with your platform?

No! Our platform promotes flexibility. You\u2019re not tied to proprietary tools or frameworks. We supply you with well-structured and written in Svelte and PHP, allowing seamless transitions if you choose to continue development with your in-house tech team.

Is there any vendor lock-in with your platform?

We use our own visual platform, which generates the code of the web applications for us. The platform follows the best practices and standards of web development, such as responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, accessibility, SEO optimization, etc.

The platform also uses common and widely supported technologies, such as JavaScript, PHP, and (usually) PostgreSQL or MySQL databases. This means that our web applications are compatible with most web servers and hosting providers, and they are easy to maintain and update. Moreover, the platform performs automatic testing and debugging of the code, ensuring that there are no errors or vulnerabilities in the web applications.

How does bug-free code benefit clients?

Bug-free code minimizes post-launch issues, enhancing user experience and reliability. With our platform, you can confidently deploy applications without worrying about common coding errors or security vulnerabilities.

Can you connect your web applications to external apps or tools?

Yes, we can connect our web applications to any external app or tool that has an API (Application Programming Interface). An API is a set of rules and protocols that allows different software systems to communicate and exchange data. By using APIs, we can integrate your web application with various services, such as payment gateways, email providers, social media platforms, analytics tools, and more.

How much do you charge for your web development services?

Our pricing depends on the complexity and scope of your web application project. However, we can assure you that we offer competitive and transparent pricing, with no hidden fees or extra charges. You only pay for what you need, and you get what you pay for. We also offer free consultations and quotes for your project, so you can get an estimate of how much it will cost before you commit.

## How much does it cost to host a web application?

The cost of hosting a web application depends on various factors, such as the size, complexity, and traffic of the application, the type of hosting service, and the features and resources you need. However, thanks to our visual platform, you can save money on hosting costs because our applications have optimized code that uses less server resources and bandwidth. Our applications are also compatible with most hosting providers that support JavaScript, PHP, and PostgreSQL/MySQL databases.

What are the advantages of your approach to development?

  • Speed: Our visual platform generates optimized code, our applications are lighting-fast and reactive.
  • Bug-Free Code: The code is generated by the platform, there are no errors.
  • Cost-Effective: Efficient processes save you money.
  • Flexibility: No vendor lock-in. Continue with in-house developer anytime.
  • Scalability: Applications grow with your business.
  • Future-Proofing: The platform regularly updates the code to stay up-to-date and optimized.
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